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Along The Years.

Year 1998

Mr. Yeoh Guan Eek founded Environment Art - a professional sculpture studio with full workshop facilities, and an in-house team of creative designers and artists to cover all areas from conceptualization, designing and creating sculptures and 3D art pieces for public spaces, museums, corporate organizations, hotels, and property developments.

Year 2003

Successfully entered the theme park industry and quickly built a reputation in theme waterpark start-ups. These were subcontracted under Sim Leisure Consultants.

Year 2006

Environment Art expanded its reach into emerging international markets - passionately promoting its theme design concepts and creative services, which included supporting Middle East projects in Bahrain, such as the Lost Paradise of Dilmun.

Year 2007

Environment Art sealed a joint-venture with Mr. Sim Choo Kheng of Sim Leisure Consultants Sdn. Bhd. - as a partner to support all design and build theme projects around the world.

Year 2015

Environment Art was restarted as a new company named Sculpture Environment Art Sdn. Bhd. (S.E.A.) - which is thriving to this day. Located at Batu Maung (& Bukit Tengah) Penang, this 9,000 square foot workshop houses 30 sculptors, designers, artists and other creative professionals who are assigned to various departments such as, modelling, sculpting, mound making, casting, metal works and wooden works.

At Present

S.E.A. continuously strives to break new ground in this niche industry with its modern approaches and novel ideas. S.E.A. has thus far been making a growing impact internationally by offering high-quality and unique theme designs and building expertise.

Project Achievement

2003-04 Lost World of Tambun Waterpark (Malaysia - Ipoh )
2004-08 Sunway Lagoon Theme Park ( Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur)
2005 Pantai Cermin Waterpark (Indonesia)
2006 Camp 5 Rock Claiming (Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur)
2006-07 Lost Paradise of Dilmun (Bahrain)
2007 Under Water World Langkawi (Malaysia - Kedah)
2007 Hong Cheong Village Spa (Korea)
2007 Extreme Park (Malaysia - PutraJaya)
2008 Extreme Park (Malaysia – Shar Alam)
2008 Mediterranean Home (Malaysia - Penang)
2008 Sarkhosh Villa (Iran)
2008 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant (Malaysia - Penang)
2008 Ipoh Hot Springs Resort (Malaysia - Ipoh)
2008-09 WaHooo Waterpark (Bahrain)
2009 Stone Grill Restaurant (Malaysia - Johor/ Malacca)
2009 Dr. Adel Theme Villas (Bahrain)
2009-10 Universal Studio (Singapore)
2010 Desa Idaman Mini Water Park (Malaysia - Penang)
2010-11 LEGOLAND Themeparks (Malaysia - Johor)
2011-12 Yas Island Waterparks (UAE – Abu Dhabi)
2012 ESCAPE Adventure Park (Malaysia - Penang)
2013 LEGOLAND Themeparks (Denmark - Billund)
2013 LEGOLAND Hotel (Malaysia - Johor)
2013 Park Home 280 MitraJaya (Malaysia - Puchong)


Sinbad Kid's Club Zabeel Saray (Dubai – Jumeirah)
2014 George Seow Residence (Malaysia - Penang)
2015 ESCAPE Water Play (Malaysia - Penang)
2015 Ulyanovsk WaterPark (Russia – Ulyanovsk)