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From ancient cities to modern day playlands, we sculpt & build your desired moodscape to produce the exact ambience that enhances the experience of visiting patrons.

Commercial Theming

S.E.A. offers commercial theming as a fantastic way to attract new clientele to any business. Designing an attractive themed environment creates a higher-value ambience which helps to stage your product or service in a more impactful manner, consequently drawing in more business. ...Read More

Hardscape / Landscape

Beyond basic hardscaping such as a brick walkway, stone wall, or wooden fence, S.E.A. designs and builds for larger-scaled projects to encompass all non-living ornamentation within the landscaping process. ...Read More

Cement Carving & Sculptures

We are your perfect creative partner for themed sculpture design and 3D art - which are vital in modern day space designs. Strategic placements of outstanding sculpted pieces instantly uplift the resonating mood, perceived quality and brand identity of a business. ...Read More

Artificial Rock Work

S.E.A.'s artificial rockwork has provided the main theming element for a majority of wet and dry theme parks over the years. Our highly experienced artists and sculptors have undertaken numerous projects and successfully installed artificial rockwork - giving a dramatic, yet authentic appearance. ...Read More